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The Tenant Selection Criteria are intended to provide for a broad mix of knowledge-based tenants and supporting services with existing or potential links to teaching and research institutions in the Monterey Bay Crescent. Tenants shall use the project premises and supporting facilities in a manner which will:

(a) encourage research/development and related corporate and professional support activities and facilities,

(b) serve to enhance employment opportunity, stimulate economic development and encourage private investment within the State of California; and

(c) be consistent with the UC MBEST Center Master Plan.

Permitted uses include the following:

  • Educationally Related
  • Research and Development
  • Light Industrial/Service Commercial
  • Commercial Mixed Use
  • Special Amenity
  • Interim Uses

Figure 5.2 Land Use Map of the UC MBEST Master Plan indicates where certain uses are permitted.

A complete copy of the UCMBEST Selection Criteria is available in Acrobat format (123 KB).



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