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UC MBEST is partnered with more than 30 public and private educational and research institutions around the Monterey Bay Crescent.

These Crescent Partners are specializing in a wide variety of research-based activities including: marine and biological sciences, environmental technologies, computer science and engineering, advanced oceanographic and atmospheric studies, and foreign-language training.

The UC MBEST Center is designed to foster collaborative ventures through a variety of interactions and resources including:

  • Specialized education and training programs for employees
  • Researcher exchange programs
  • Cooperative and joint research projects
  • Access to high-speed multimedia links
  • Access to specialized equipment, facilities and services
  • Access to translation services and other foreign-language resources

UC MBEST works closely with the Monterey Bay Crescent Ocean Research Consortium, or MBCORC, as well as a broad group of agencies and organizations to facilitate collaborative and enterprising opportunities for research, education, and business development.


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