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The University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) has played a leadership role in developing the 484-acre MBEST Center, and associated 605 acre Ford Ord Natural Reserve (FONR).

Located near world-renowned tourist and golfing destinations and one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, the Monterey Bay provides a center of excellence for innovation in marine, environmental, and information sciences and technologies.

The UC MBEST Center is currently offering land lease opportunities to businesses, agencies and other organizations seeking the benefits of close association with a leading edge university research park.

The city of Marina Technology Cluster (MTC) is among our current tenants. The MTC offers a suite of services to early stage technology oriented businesses.


Consistent with the University of California’s mission, the mission of the UC MBEST Center is to create a constructive environment in which to foster the collaborative and cooperative interaction between public and private education and research institutions, government research agencies, private business, and policy makers in productive alliances.  For more information, see the UC MBEST Center Mission Statement.

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